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Stop looking for profitable campaigns in the dark. We Reviewed AdPlexity, the #1 competitive intelligence tool used by performance marketers from around the world.

Affiliate marketing is an extremely competitive industry. One choice can decide whether your campaign is successful or a flop. Affiliate marketers from all around the world have things figured out. They know what works, and what doesn’t. They know how and where to advertise.

As a beginner or intermediate, you don’t have that necessary knowledge. Spy tools are something you should use to minimize the competition’s advantage! Today we will cover the most popular and best affiliate marketing spy tool, AdPlexity!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing. The producers of a product allow third parties (affiliates in this case) to advertise the product and boost sales. The product owners give these affiliates a share of each sale, click, or lead. This way the product owners/producers have a better marketing campaign. This campaign is far more impactful than a regular one. On the other side, affiliates receive generous payouts for successful advertising. A great thing for affiliates is that after they are done advertising, they are off the hook. They don’t have to bother with refunds, customer support, shipping, or anything else. 

This leads to affiliates having incredible monetary gains for their work. If this sounds interesting to you, you should know that the space is very competitive. Some affiliates have decades of experience in the industry. Competing with them head-on is not something you should do as a beginner. 

But you shouldn’t be afraid of the competition. Luckily for beginners, these days, there are ways to bridge the gap in creative ways. You can’t expect to know everything that took them years to learn in a couple of days. But what you can do is see what exactly they are doing and how they are doing things.

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What Are Spy Tools?

SpyTools are specialized software solutions that can help you gain an advantage. They allow you to see what your competition is doing and how they are doing it. These tools are specialized databases of landers and creatives. They have detailed information about sources, GEOs, verticals, ad formats, audiences, and much more. There are a lot of spy tools on the market. Most of them have different features and ways of approaching the same issue.

What a good spy tool will do for you is allow you to take a peek inside of your competition’s campaigns. What do they advertise? Where do they advertise? Who do they target? What are their creatives? What do their landing pages look like? And much more. 

These spy tools usually have databases that can give you real-time info on what others are doing. You can then use this incredible info to adjust your campaigns. You feel your marketing is too similar to your competition, you can change it. If you don’t have ideas about how to advertise something, check out your competition. You can see the whole process. From where they are advertising, to what their creatives are, to what their LPs look like. Pretty much everything you need to know to make an incredible campaign of your own!

One of the best and most popular spy tools currently available is AdPlexity. This spy tool focuses on researching your competition in every way possible. 

What Makes AdPlexity a Great Choice?

This spy tool started helping affiliates around 2008. It has one of the biggest databases with the most ads & landing pages in their catalog. They had a simple goal, to create a spy tool that will help affiliates gain an advantage over the competition. Back at that time, the competition was not as strong as it is today. This led to their product becoming an industry leader feature-wise. Unlike other companies, AdPlexity still wasn’t happy with its position. They continued improving and adding more and more features to their platform. Today, their service is unmatched. 

They offer a selection of services for all sorts of marketing options. Currently, you can use their spy tool services with the focus on:

  • Mobile, Desktop, Native, Push, eCommerce, Carriers, Enterprise

The Adplexity Dashboard

Upon you enter one of these services you will be greeted with a similar-looking dashboard UI. The dashboard is split in a way so it is easily readable and not cluttered at all.

The top hosts search options. You can search via keywords, advertisers, publishers, and more. 

The left side is reserved for filters of all kinds. Here you can find things like:

  • Dates Range
  • Days running
  • Ad Type
  • Device Type
  • Country
  • Language
  • Connection
  • Traffic Source
  • Affiliate Network
  • Tracking Tool

When you click on any of these, your queries will be filtered through these filters and give you a more specific search result. 

How Good Are The Services?

These services all focus on specific ads in varying categories. So let’s cover them so you can see the difference. 

Adplexity Mobile Traffic Sources ( PropellerAds, Popcash, ZeroPark, AdCash, StartApp, PopAds, InMobi, AppNexus, SiteScout, TribalFusion, TheTradeDesk, OpenX, Rubicon)

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AdPlexity Mobile is one of the best ways to track your competition campaigns. Mobile can give you insight into your competition’s most promising and profitable mobile ad campaigns. This gives you the chance to optimize your campaigns in a way that gives you an edge. 

Adplexity makes filtering the campaigns available simple and fast. It offers specific filters for keywords, advertisers, ad publishers. 

Adplexity also gives you a couple of tools that can help you better analyze ad campaigns.

  • Ad Trends show you how long a specific campaign has been running and how and when it performs. This means that you can know what time of the week or day-specific campaigns perform best. You can use this info to set up your campaigns so that they run at the optimal time
  • Devices and Browsers Targeted can ensure that you know which devices and browsers advertisers target with their campaigns. With this simple info, you know which device types and OS’es perform the best and target them right away. As you know, better targeting makes for better campaigns. 
  • Publishers are useful for knowing which source is sending the most traffic for specific campaigns. 

The benefits of Adplexity Mobile don’t stop there. You can find outgoing URLs and thus explore the landing pages of competing ad campaigns. The tool even allows you to download these LPs which you can use to improve your LPs. You could also straight-up copy parts of the entirety of them. You can also uncover hidden campaigns that run only on mobile traffic. Popup traffic can also be tracked via this tool. All in all, it is an incredible tool that every affiliate that wants to do mobile should have access to. 

Uncover Profitable Campaigns on Desktop Traffic (Google Display, AppNexus, DSPs, SSPs and more)

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Adplexity desktop works similarly to the mobile variant, but it is optimized for desktop ad campaigns. Filters work almost the same as the mobile variant and spying, in general, is very easy due to the simple UI. 

Adplexity desktop can spy on campaigns running in over 75 countries (all the major ones). So you don’t have to worry about not having supported GEOs with this service. Another thing desktop is incredible for is real-time insights. These can give you incredible insight into what is working and how well it’s working at any time. 

This can help you uncover profitable campaigns. Popup traffic sources, ad exchanges, affiliate offers, affiliate networks, and others are all supported in your research so you know exactly what the campaigns are doing at any moment. 

Like the mobile version, desktop allows you to rip Landing Pages and use them for your gain. 

Find What’s Making Money on Native Traffic Sources like MGID, Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent, and more!

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Native is made for tracking ads with native traffic sources. Who would have guessed by the name! Currently, over 32 countries are supported with a focus on the big players in the market. This means that you should be able to find whatever you need. 

Adplexity Native is incredible for finding ads running on Taboola, Adblade, MGID, RevContent, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, and This will make your spying much easier as these are the most popular native ad sources. Spying can be done on any device type or OS, so you will know what works best, mac – windows, android – ios, mobile – desktop. 

The trend of downloading LPs continues. You can rip any landing page with a few clicks and get a nice and usable ZIP file with all the things you need.  

Learn What Campaigns Affiliate Marketers Are Pushing on ZeroPark, EvaDav, RichPush,MegaPush, ExoClick and others.

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Push is still one of the most profitable traffic sources. Adplexity has a section on their spy tool dedicated to just push. The spy tool can provide you with detailed data on mobile and desktop push campaigns from over 82 countries. Most popular push networks like PropellerAds, LeoCash, DataPush, Evadav, MGID, and others are supported and you will have access to real-time data. You will have access to data from over 10 push traffic sources. Another thing you might be interested in is hidden campaigns that run only on mobile traffic. These are usually hard to access but Adplexity has its ways. Over 90 carriers are supported so you shouldn’t have to worry about missing something. 

Trends, GEOs, top publishers, and other data can be found within the campaign insights tab. You can even filter your spy searches by the most profitable affiliate ad campaigns from over 100 CPA networks. 

Downloading the successful LPs is also a piece of cake with a few clicks!

See What Products Are Making Great ROAS on Ecom and Drop Shipping with Adplexity E-commerce Spy Tool

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eCommerce is growing and with Adplexity, you can see what others are up to in this space. With this service, you can get incredible data on profitable eCommerce stores. The best part is that it works for stores across the world. Currently, Adplexity eCommerce tracks over 70 million products from stores across the web. Over 10,000 stores are ready for you to analyze, explore, and get inspired by. You will have access to their most profitable products, strategies, and apps. 

You can see which revenue-boosting apps your competitors are using. This is incredible knowledge and data that most other SpyTools can’t do. The best thing about this service is the ease of use. A total amateur could easily find everything they might need to create a successful eCommerce campaign with this tool.  One of the things that makes this ease of use possible is the incredible search/filter options. 

Currently, you can search by store and product (which are self-explanatory), as well as:

  • Product Strength how popular a current product is. Something like trending products
  • Product Information – Date added, category, title, description, price range, and much more
  • Facebook AD Copy – You can see Facebook Ad campaigns and check out the ad copies that the sellers use for specific campaigns. You can use this to narrow your selection down, as well as likes, comments, shares, etc. 
  • Similar Products Recommendations – Let’s you see products that are doing well in a particular category you chose. 

Discover What Kind of Offers, Ads, and Landers Are Being Promoted Through Carrier Targeting on Mobile

Browsing foreign GEO mobile campaigns is made easy through Adplexity Carriers. It lets you use actual 3G/4G proxies from almost 90 carriers in over 30 countries worldwide. 

With this, you can easily uncover specific carrier exclusive offers with smart links that you might miss otherwise. The benefits to using Carriers are multiple. But the most commonly quoted ones are:

  • Conversion flows –  You will have access to the full conversion flow of offers you want to promote. 
  • Carrier Specific Offers –  Finding carrier exclusive offers can increase your profits drastically. So find those offers easily with Adplexity Carriers 
  • Bypass Cloakers –  Sometimes your competition will use cloakers to hide their real moneymakers. With this, you can easily bypass their cloakers and see the real deal. 

How Much Does AdPlexity Cost?

Adplexity is an incredible spy tool that offers a lot to affiliates. It has a plethora of incredibly valuable features. Of course, this reflects in the price of their services as well. Each of the services is billed individually so you can pick and choose what you want and need and what you don’t. Even with careful picking, prepare to pay a solid lump of money each month for the services they provide. 

  • Adplexity Mobile – $199/mo or $1990/yr
  • Adplexity Desktop – $199/mo or $1990/yr
  • Adplexity Native – $249/ mo or $2490/yr
  • Adplexity Push – $149/mo or $1490/yr
  • Adplexity eCommerce – $199/mo or $1990/yr
  • Adplexity Carriers – $149/mo or $1490/yr
  • Adplexity Enterprise – You will have to get a quote from them directly

While this might sound incredibly expensive at first, you should also take into account how much money it can save and earn you in the long run. Ad campaigns are expensive and getting the best data possible without spending time and money running your ads is incredible. SpyTools like Adplexity offer incredible value for what you pay for them and super affiliates would gladly pay a lot more for them for the same features. 

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To Sum Things Up…

Adplexity is one of the best spy tools on the market. No matter what kind of traffic or ads you are running, spy tools will help you out with everything. They can save you a lot of money through the lack of research you have to do, as well as earn you some serious cash through great campaigns you can pull off. 

If you are an affiliate that is starting out you should consider investing in a good spy tool. One of the best on the market is Aplexity, ad the reasons for that are plenty. It is easy to use and will offer you an incredible headstart. The entry price might be steep but it will pay for itself pretty quickly. 


  • Incredibly simple to use 
  • Vast spying capabilities
  • You can easily download LPs
  • Real-time data
  • Plenty of GEOs
  • Large database


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